Group Walk

Full 1 Hour Walk - £10  (£15 for two Dogs From Same Household) 

  • Maximum of 5 dogs to ensure safety & attention for all dogs whilst out on walks.
  • Fully caged van for comfort and safety. Dogs will be transported to the walking destination in secure individual crates.
  • Mucky Pups, in wet weather, your dog will be rinsed with water and towel dried before being returned home.
  • Walks are one full hour long, on or off lead (as instructed by owners) Off lead dogs must have good recall.
  • Great way for your dog to socialise with other friendly dogs.
  • Group walks provide your dog with great opportunities to make other Doggy Friend's all the while exercising and most importantly playing!

  Solo Walk

Duration Varies - Price Varies

  • Solo dog walks benefit from 1-1 attention.
  • Great for Dog's who are nervous, anxious or do not get along with other Dogs.
  • Perfect for puppies who require more socialisation, training and exercise.
  • Walks can be catered to specific requirements, whether its a gentle stroll for your elderly Dog, or a very active walk for a Dog with energy to burn.
  • Solo Dogs with 1-1 Attention will also receive help with any training or behavioural issues, such as lead pulling.

Puppy Or Drop In Service
Duration Varies - Price Varies

  • Attend to Puppy feed, clean up any accidents, play session including basic training. let out in garden or short walk (If fully inoculated).
  • Attend to the needs of elderly Dogs or Dogs recovering from illness. Feed, clean up any mess, toilet break and calm attention & cuddles.

Dog Training - 1-1

Duration Varies - Price Varies

  • Help with any problems which may occur such as pulling on the lead, ignoring owner when called, lunging and barking at other dogs, jumping up, general manners
  • Reward based training aimed to help make training fun and a mutually bonding experience for both you and your dog.
  • Using modern, force free, humane methods and training techniques which focus on using positive methods of training and behaviour modification, specifically reward based training with the welfare of the dog being the most important aspect when training.

Puppy Training

Duration Varies - Priace Varies

  • Help with all the puppy problems owners may encounter. Crate training, mouthing and chewing, jumping up, house training.
  • Introduction and basic training such as loose lead walking, socialisation, recall.
  • Using modern, force free methods to create a lifelong bond between owners and dogs using only kind, fear free, effective methods of training.


Cats And Small Furry's 

There for you during the busy times, you could be going away on holiday or attending a special occassion and needing someone to pop in and care for your cats and small furries.

  • Feeding
  • Letting Outside / Inside
  • Playing
  • Cleaning living environment
  • Changing litter trays

Pet Taxi Service

  • If Owner Is Unable To Attend Appointment
  • Transportation Of Your Pet To Appointments Such As Vets Or Drop Off And Pick Up From Groomers For Thier Perfect Haircut. 

Dog Walking And Pet Care Services

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