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What We Do:


  • Dog walking
  • Puppy / Drop In Visits
  • Cat / Kitten Visits
  • Training
  • Small Furrys Visits
  • Pet taxi
  • Medication administration

Hi my name is Claire Boyle owner of Paws Paradise, based in Lenzie, Glasgow.

Anyone who knows or meets me knows I am totally Dog daft!

My best friend Amber the Cocker Spaniel (born November 2005) is my inspiration for starting up Paws Paradise dog walking. She is the bestest pup ever and I love her to bits. 

I have always had a great bond with dogs and believe they are truely pure souls and mans/woman's best friend.

Living and loving life everyday with happiness, fun and empathy as a team together is the best feeling for a person and their pet.

I've been around dogs all my life, training and caring for my own, competing in agility and helping friends and family train and care for their own dogs and other pets.


Being a Guardian to an animal is very rewarding for both human and pet, as they offer so much love and support. Paws Paradise is here to offer help and support to both people and their pets.

Paws Paradise is a professional, friendly and fully insured dog walking and pet care service.

Creating long lasting, positive relationships dogs through fun, reward based methods.

Walking is more than taking your dog from A to B, it should be a fun adventure full of play, love and time for the dog to simply be a dog!

Our walks are full of opportunities for your dogs to run, sniff and get lots of attention ensuring they are physically and mentally tired. 

Why Choose Paws Paradise?

  • Canine First Aid Trained
  • Positive Reinforcement Methods
  • Fully Insured
  • Disclosure checked
  • Realiable
  • Passionate
  • Dog Daft

I am constantly studying animal behaviour as I want to keep myself up to date with the latest advancements in canine behaviour and I have attended workshops and seminars to constantly expand my knowledge and positive reward based methods.

  • Canine First Aid Certified
  • IMDT (Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers) - 2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer
  • IMDT (Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers) - 4 Day Practical Instructors Course
  • IMDT (Institiute Of Modern Dog Trainers) - 6 Months Learning, Motivation And Reinforcement Certificate
  • I Am Looking To Attend More Courses With The IMDT And Looking Forward To Undertaking Assessment For Membership
  • Currently Undertaking A "Professional Dog Walking" Course With The British College Of Canine Studies


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Paws Paradise

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